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67 Minutes of Live Stand Up from John Tole. Recorded in Denver at Comedy Works Downtown on Jan 13th

The Latest Release, 67 Mins from Comedy Works in Downtown Denver. 


 1 Egg Nog Season at the Good King Soopers

2 Vegan Oil Climate Change Denier Denier

3 Your Brain Is Haunted by Your Self

4 Pancake's Hacky Sack Bonetique

5 The Herped Up Shellenium Falcon

6 The Cult of the French Mime

7 Wyoming Dynasty and Mowing Varmints

8 Oval Town's Wet Pirate Ropes

9 The Laziest Tea Bag

10 Landing Alien Ships With My Mind

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Death by AutoPilot

Death by Autopilot Beating Suicide and Demonic Killing Machines by John Tole Denver Comedian

The first third of The Witness of Elsewhere Trilogy. From Suicidal Maniac to Joyfully engaged in this waking life. Here's how it went down.

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Whatever It Is You Do All Day

John Tole Live in Denver at Comedy Works Headlining Debut 2018 Full Hour in the greatest club ever.

Recorded at The World Famous Comedy Works in Downtown Denver, John Tole makes his Headlining Debut and records an hour long surprise album. Stories Galore.

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Verbal Sherpa

John Tole Verbal Sherpa February 5th recorded live in Denver

John Tole breaks into any reality and drops another single for the Faithful. Recorded in Denver and of course, its off the rails comedy for weirdos who are into that. DROPS Feb 5 2019 Pre order now for .69

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What Do You Want From Me?

John Tole Comedy Album from Comedy Works, Tole drops another Single

Jan 5 2019 John Tole released his first of twelve comedy releases for 2019. Come break into Tole's Reality as he breaks off some hot ass riffs. .99 Come and Get it!

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11 Rounds of MMA

11 Rounds of MMA, chopping up semi clean in front of a bunch of MMA nerds in Denver.

Thrown in front of a bunch of MMA Maniacs who want blood. Tole gives em all guns blazing with one liners, stories, and generally having a great time being alive.

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Podcasts, Pitboss and PC Deathsquad

Whiskey and The Surfer

Whiskey and The Surfer Denvers Top Iconic Rock

Whiskey and The Surfer are raging in the Simulation on 24/7 Comedy its always Wednesday Night at Midnight. Episodes drop Daily at 9am, 12pm and 3pm. Conspiracy, Comedy, Faith, Tinfoil, Thrash Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Anti PC and Pro 1A, 2A and American as F. iTunes Link Below or listen on Spreaker, Anchor, Stitcher or Commercial Free at http://www.patreon.com/whiskeyandthesurfer

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Lord of The Riff

Lord of the riff

Daily Catholic Readings, Saint of The Day, Father Al from Presentation Ministries and The Rosary from St. Luke Productions drop Daily at 5:00am, 5:05am and 5:10am respectively. A one stop Catholic Comedy Feed or head on over and grab the Laudate App from both the Android and Itunes Store! I want everyone to hear the best in the Catholic Faith Community because of how much I was personally blessed by these programs.

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Pitboss 2000 The Witnesses of Elsewhere

pb2k The witnesses of elsewhere

The newest musical release from the minds of Pitboss 2000. Songs 1 and 2 tell the story of the gruesome torture of martyrs and songs 3 and 4 use the lyrics from Songs 1 and 2 in reverse to tell the story of Patriots storming a FEMA Camp. Pretty Damn Metal. 

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Pitboss 2000 Full Catalogue

an odd album cover for this site but the past is the past if you believe in time.

Everyone's A Winner, Booty Crew, The Cult of F Yeah, The Overview Effect, The Witnesses of Elsewhere and more!

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PC Deathsquad Full Catalogue

pcds san diego legends

Schemies, Squinting and Thrash Legends Johnny Nevada, John Lockjaw, nThony Guzman, Danno and Jordan give a course in Rageonomics. Sh!t Talking and Mayhem, Too Fat For Love, Downsized, Eternal Ignorance and Ignocracy. San Diego Crossover.

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Lockjaw. 44 Full Catalogue

Lockjaw 44 catalogue

It all started here with the Drop The Attitude Demo, Down For The Cause, Payback and Oakland Style. From '94 to '96 this old school bay area effort is not to be missed. 

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