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We are becoming Human Insurgents against The Tech , The Robots are the future so they see the future because they created the ideas of the past, err atleast the ones they let us remember.

Are we too auto divided to accept humanity as a single organism in either concert or war with the planet over how to keep our enemies from experiencing the gravity of Freedom by convincing them Freedom isn't Supposed to be experienced like gravity while convincing them destroying ideas feels good.

All of this is cosmic deer shit in the woods so why not just step over and continue experiencing either better or Best while the deluded war over Virtue or their misconception that virtue in its fullness needs defending. Instead of bowing down and ingesting the deer shit of fear based identity supremacy and its swift march to their self imposed police state.

If + and - = the sum of All then a program of +++ is indeed the path.

Are you here?


Do you understand Wisdom because you understand her offspring Truth and Justice?

By definition you are the some total of your applications and awareness of how you apply them, maybe 3% of the time when you're in control and the other 97% when your autoprogram is running someone else's Subroutine which changes your definitions.


math all the way down

comedy works john tole album jan 13 itunes spotify whatever it is you do all day sober GOD Faith

comedy works john tole album jan 13 itunes spotify whatever it is you do all day sober GOD Faith

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 What kind of societal or safety breakdown is being anticipated if states are rapidly expanding the definition of a procedure in full view but the tempered discussion is only occuring at ineffectual levels.  I'm just saying, there may come a harsh time in Human Control. 


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What do you know about thrash?

What up Nere-do-Wolves and fellow travellers in the 1s and 0s of the 1a, 2a, Patriot Simulation. God is great. Here is what drops daily.

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Not That I need to tell you

Listeners will always find the weirdest similarities not only in the broadcast but how it interacts with their daily reality. Look around, pay attention, its 24/7/365. 



Become churched in the way that we accept Faith on Christ's terms and never Ours. 

Remember you can work the order of the operations and get the answer or work the order of your operations and get buried in questions. Simple defines complex, I can and will bring you here, now in as much as you will allow yourself to simplify your processing. 


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