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Brand New Iron Brigade Full Show is in The Den, on and the Free Sections are on IGTV @realjohntole and Bitchute @realjohntole


Chunk 4 of 4 Mercyful Fate Raging!

Here is Today’s Upload Update


Podcasts Free and Available for All as always at ROKFIN.COM/JT

IGTV Uploads:          June 30th Whiskey and The Surfer

                                    June 30th JLJ’s Car Cast 1

                                    July 1st Iron Brigade 8 Min Intro 

ROKFIN Uploads:    June 30th Iron Brigade Podcast

                                   June 30th Iron Brigade 8 Min Intro

                                   June 30th Iron Brigade Premium Full Video Episode

BitChuteUploads: June 29 Dastardly Dude Drops Demonloads

                                 June 29 Devo plus SOD

                                 June 29 Weird Saturday Sitch

                                 June 30 7 Syringe Vagina

                                 June 30 Warzone Worship

                                 July 1    Pulled Over on Mushrooms…

Stoked to be finally moving forward the Webstore for Weapons Grade Faith as well as the Launch of “Nerdario” a 1 stop shop for all things Deathsquad Industries. Updates as they come. 

Episode1 of JLJ’s Car Cast is now at IGTV @realjohntole

Check out The Podcasts Page for all updates and come join me at


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